"The Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark as a tool for sustainable local development"

Information Day entitled "The Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark as a tool for sustainable local development"

The Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park and UNESCO Global Geopark, on the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May, organized an Information Day entitled " Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark as a tool for sustainable local development". The event took place online on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

The meeting was addressed by the Emeritus Professor of the University of Patras and Chairman of the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos, Prof. Gr. Iatrou. The event was honored by the "presence" of the Regional Governor of Western Greece Mr. N. Farmakis, the Mayor of Kalavrita Mr. Ath. Papadopoulos and the Professor and Chairman of the Board Board of directors of the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA), Mrs. M. Papadopoulou. Through their brief and targeted interventions, they highlighted the importance of the Geoparks Network and the participation of the region in such a Network and expressed their intention to support the Management Body’s effort for the sustainable development of the local community.

Speeches delivered by the following guest speakers: a) Mr. N. Zouros, Professor, President of Global Geoparks Network Executive Board and Lesvos UNESCO Global Geopark, with a presentation in relation with the promotion of the geological heritage and its contribution to the local development, b) Mr. Ch. Fasoulas, Scientific Responsible of the Psiloritis UNESCO Global Geopark, Coordinator of the Greek Forum of UNESCO Geoparks and Deputy Coordinator of the European Network of Geoparks, with a presentation including important examples of networking and other sustainable development activities, c) Mr. G. Iliopoulos, Associate Professor and Scientific Responsible of the Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark, who briefly presented the geopark spatially and administratively, its unique geodiversity and some of the most emblematic geotopes, and finally, d) Mrs. E. Koumoutsou, Director of the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos who presented the actions and plans of the Geopark for sustainable local development, highlighting the initiatives that have been taken and explaining the plans for the immediate future regarding sustainable local development.

The event was addressed to the representatives of the local community after a relevant invitation from the Management Body, as well as to any other interested, as it announced on social media (@chelmosvouraikosgeopark, @ManagementBodyofChelmosVouraikos). It aimed at informing about the goals and actions of the Geopark, communication, beneficial dialogue and exchange of views to establish common goals and practices that will lead to the sustainable development of the region.

The event was attended by representatives of organizations such as Management Body of Ainos National Park and Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark, Kotychi-Strofilia & Kyparissia Gulf Wetlands Management Body, Vickos-Aoos UNESCO Global Geopark, members of the University of Patras, which the Vice Rector for Research and Development Prof. P. Dimopoulos, members of mountaineering associations, representatives of ACHAIA-DEVELOPMENT SA with which the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos has significant cooperation and municipal councilor of Kalavrita Mr. Magkafas. We welcomed with great pleasure representatives of the local cultural associations "Association of Pankratians of Kalavrita" and Cultural Association of Aliki Aigio "O Agios Nikolaos". Their presence as well as the presence of a limited but important citizens of the local community of Kalavrita and local businessmen fulfilled the purpose of this event and we thank them warmly.

The Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos organized and carried out this event with the aim of maximizing communication with the local community. The main purpose of each Geopark is to promote sustainable development while highlighting the area, the local traditional products, the history and culture of the region and, at the same time, developing more alternative forms of tourism such as geotourism which supports the environment and the local economy and offers different experiences to visitors. On this basis, knowledge of the problems of the local community through communication and the support of residents and entrepreneurs is essential, so that we can all work together for a better future.

We hope that in the future the local community will respond more intensely to such initiatives and we are committed to working in this direction!

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