Preparing our common future!

"Which geosite do you want to visit after the pandemic ends?"

The Chelmos Vouraikos UGGp participating to the UNESCO Global Geoparks initiative "Preparing our common future", during March 2021, has carried out a series of online presentations to students of the geoapark 's area.

Our "little" friends have gained a different perspective for some of the most important geosites of our geopark, this time as amateur geologists! We have all together envisioned our future - when the great adventure of the pandemic has ended- visiting our favorite geosites again and discover the magic of geology…

The students of the 1st and 2nd grade of Kalavryta Gymnasiun, answering to the question "which geosite do you want to visit after the pandemic ends" they gave as a clear message about the power of water. They voted for the magnificent geosites: Ladon's eye, Doxa and Tsivlou Lakes!

We, on our turn, hope that this global crisis can help us schedule our future through a different perspective- because NATURE IS THE FUTURE!

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