The largest colony of bats in Greece was discovered!

The largest colony of bats in Greece was discovered!

In the framework of the programme Life Grecabat, one of the most important winter colonies in Europe was recorded in the non-visitable part of the Cave of the Lakes in Kastria of Achaia, as it hosts more than 18,000 bent-wing bats (Miniopterus schreibersi) and nine additional species in various seasons of the year. This record was made in collaboration with the Management of the Cave and Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body.

The project Life Grecabat implements conservation actions in 10 selected NATURA 2000 sites in Greece (from Crete to Evros) and also inform and train the involved stakeholders. It aims to improve the conservation status of 10 bat species (of Community interest, Annexes II-IV of Directive 92/43/EEC) and selected caves (Habitats Type 8310, Annex I to Directive 92/43/EEC), while is helping the survival of the unique cave fauna (dozens of endemic species of insects and other invertebrates live exclusively in one or more caves of Greece).

It is the first nationwide effort to manage, protect and promote bats, caves and cave life. It is intended to be an example of their integrated management at national level.

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