Ziria Music Festival 2019

11th Ziria Music Festival (29-31 of August 2019)

The 11thZiria Music Festival took place on 29-31 of August at Ziria Ski Center. Ziria Music Festival attracts a lot of people every year and hosts not only music concerts but also various activities including walking in the forest, hiking, astronomy lessons, sky observation, visits in Ermis cave etc. aiming to familiarize participants with nature. There is a great concern for the environment as every activity is structured so that it has the least environmental impact on the site. There is a strict directive towards fires so that there is a limited fire danger. As far as the waste management is concerned, there is a zero waste approach and an organized recycling plan.

The representatives of the Chelmos – Vouraikos Management Body visited the area on Friday, August 30th and met with the organizing committee of the festival. Among other, they discussed about the environmental value of the area and the initiatives of the festival in order to protect the environment. Also, the representatives got informed about the informative events and actions that took place during the festival (a musical theater performance about composting, talks about the environment and informative leaflets from the Chelmos Vouraikos Management Body).

Mount Killini (Ziria) is a NATURA 2000 site (GR2530001) and a Special Protection Area for birds (GR2530006). Since Febuary2018 it is included in the list of areas for supervision from the Chelmos Vouraikos Management Body. Within the area’s limits unique (endemic) fauna and flora species can be found as well as various geological formations. Music Ziria Festival is an event whichin cooperation with the Chelmos Vouraikos Management Body, can become a great opportunity to inform, raise awareness and educate people about NATURA 2000 sites.

φεστιβαλ ζζηρειας 2019

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