Evaluation of Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark on 22nd to 26th July 2019

The area of the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park, belonging since 2015to the UNESCO Global Geoparks, will be evaluated by UNESCO assessors, namely Mr. Dan Grigorescu from Romania and Mr. Bojan Režun from Slovenia, the week of 22nd to 26th July 2019.

In its 12 years of operation, Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body, in addition to its important core responsibility for the monitoring and conservation of biodiversity in the National Park and the awareness-raising of locals and visitors, has also succeeded in integrating the Protected Site into the Geological Monuments of the World Heritage, under the title "UNESCO Global Geoparks", as well as in the EUROPARC Network with the certification "European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas".

The protected area includes 40 important Geotopes and 10 of them belong to the GeoPoints of National Importance (the geotopes in Vouraikos Gorge, Cave of the Lakes, Mega Spilaio), ie geological areas of particular scientific, aesthetic, educational value but also archaeological, ecological, historical or cultural interest.

Chelmos-Vouraikos Geopark covers an area of 647 km2 and the largest part of it is in the Region of Western Greece. It presents a unique geological history and it hosts very important biodiversity, unique landscapes, cultural heritage sites and excellent scientific, educational and tourist infrastructure such as the Cave of the Lakes, the Aroanios River Springs in Planitero, the Vouraikos Gorge with its unique Odontotos rack railway Diakofto - Kalavrita, Tsivlou Lake, Doxa Lake, the facilities of the Environmental Center of Klitoria - Akrata in Klitoria, the facilities of the Ski Center, the Aristarchos Telescope etc.

Our goal is to meet the requirements of the assessors as set by UNESCO, both in the field of guided tours of important Geopark Geotopes, as well as in cooperation with the local authorities and bodies of the region, so that the area will remain on the list of the Geological Monuments of the World Heritage for the next 4 years and to receive the "Green Card", with the benefits that this entails for the recognition of the area at a global level in terms of geodiversity and biodiversity.

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