The Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body (CVMB) participated in a lot of different events to celebrate World Environment Day 2019.

On June 5th the Primary school of Sofiko visited the Exhibition Centre of the CVMB. Students attended an interactive presentation about the National Park & Global Geopark of Chelmos- Vouraikos, the fauna and flora of the protected area and the role of the CVMB in the area. In addition, students were given the opportunity to get informed and ask the staff of the CVMB questions about the environment and to suggest ideas and solutions for an environmentally- friendly way of every day life.

On June 8th, during 11:00 a.m. – 14:00 p.m., the CVMB, the Management Body of Kotychi and Strofylia Wetlands and the Messolonghi Lagoon Management Body met at Riga Feraiou and Ermou streets, in Patras, where they organized an ‘on spot’ event. The aim of the event was to inform and raise awareness of the public through photo galleries and informative leaflets about the protected areas and the rear species of fauna and flora you can meet there. The staff of the Management Bodies were also there to answer questions and to inform people about the ecological and aesthetic value of the protected areas as well as about the special legislation that applies there.

5th of June was designated World Environment Day by the UN General Assembly in 1974, as a way to raise global awareness of environmental issues. World Environment Day is celebrated every year since then, not only to remind us the importance of the environment for human beings and the conservation of the planet in general, but also to emphasize our responsibility towards the next generation to protect it.

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