Participation of Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body in a Programme of the Region of Western Greece (Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2014-2020) entitled "Customer Intelligence for inNOVAtive Tourism ECosystems -CI-NOVATEC"

   Within the framework of the implementation of the European project CI-NOVATEC, the Region of Western Greece, as the Lead Partner, has chosen the region of Kalavryta for the pilot implementation of this project. The project, adopting an innovative methodology, aims to satisfy the collection of data based on visitor experiences that will be used to facilitate business and political decisions in order to create an added value for the local tourism ecosystem.

   The purpose of the project and the role of the Region of Western Greece is to record and evaluate the experiences of the visitors in relation to the simple or complex services that they receive at their destination. The purpose and role of the members of the regional networks is to mobilize the tourists in order to participate for achieving the maximum response of completing the questionnaires. In this way, the collection of tourists-visitors reactions, at the same time with the region’s strengthening and empowering, will be achieved.

   For this reason a cooperation protocol was signed by the Region of Western Greece, the Municipality of Kalavryta, Achaia Development Agency SA, the Kalavryta Ski Center, the Cave of the Lakes, the Municipal Museum of Kalavritan Holocaust and various other associations in the tourism sector within the wider area of the Municipality of Kalavryta. With this cooperation, a network was established under the name "Regional Network of Kalavryta as a Pilot Region", with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of visitors in the area. Scientist responsible for the CI-NOVATEC project and its platform is University of Patras - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

   Chelmos- Vouraikos Management Body contributes through the electronic platform to the transfer of data and elements of biodiversity and geodiversity to the visitors within Chelmos- Vouraikos National Park, aiming at increasing alternative forms of tourism such as ecotourism, geotourism, etc. It is remarkable that the region has been recognized as a "UNESCO Global Geopark" since 2015.


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