CHELMOS VOURAIKOS GEOPARK, GREECE Progress Report, September 2016–March 2017



Progress Report, September 2016–March 2017


Geopark Activities


  1. 1.Active presence in social networks: Facebook


  1. 2.Different scientific publications related to ongoing researches, Iron furnaces in the Geopark, the management of geo-heritage in Pro Geo news, etc.


  1. 3.Hiking trail within the Geopark with a team of educators as a part of a training seminar-laboratory of the National Thematic Network for Environmental Education with the title “Wild Fauna in Danger".


  1. 4.Certification for the “ European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas” at the European Parliament in Brussels by EUROPARC's Executive Director, Ms. Carol Ritchie.


5.    One-day Workshop under the auspices of the Municipality of Aigialeia, with the participation of the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos with the title “Protection and Sustainable Use & Utilization of Water Resources"


6.    Experiential approach of the Tsivlou Lake with guided tour around it by the staff of the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos and the Environmental Education Centre of Kleitoria – Akrata. 


  1. 7.Participation of the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos in the meeting “PELOPONNESE EXPO” with the stand of Municipality of Kalavryta.


  1. 8.Educational excursion of 3rd year students of Geology of the University of Patras at the UNESCO Global Geopark of Chelmos-Vouraikos


  1. 9.Participation of the Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos with the stand of Municipality of Kalavryta in the «NOSTOS» 1st GREEK ALTERNATIVE TOURISM EXPO 2016.


10. Informative event with the title “Metachromatic ulcer of the plane tree: Prevention and measures of treatment of the disease” at the Geotope of the springs of Aroanios river


11. Events organized with the cooperation of the Hellenic Ornithological Society with the title "Shallow sounds 2017" with the participation of students of 2nd Grade of Gymnasium for the arrival of the spring




  1. 1.Participation in the 7th International Conference of UNESCO Global Geoparks 2016 in English.


  1. 2.Contribution to EGN magazine Issue 14 “Diakopto-Kalavryta Railway”, 120 Years of Beauty and History


  1. 3.Sent a high definition video that represents the descent of a path that leads to the waters of Styx, one of the Geotopes in Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark in order to embody it to the EGN video during the EGN CC.


  1. 4.Sending an article of Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark for EGN newsletter No. 7


  1. 5.Videoconferencing via Skype of the Greek Forum of Geoparks (Nov 2016).



Activity by Partners

  1. 1.Sending photographic material in Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark in order to present the strenght of our network and other UNESCO Global Geoparks with a photo exhibition on a screen in our Visitor Center.


  1. 2.Send text and photographs for the creation of a newsletters that will be presented at ITB Exhibition in Berlin (8th-11th of March), as an advertisement of our network and for the creation of an informative map for publication and distribution in the tourism exhibition ITB Berlin, which will be related with Sustainable Development.


  1. 3.Sending a representative picture with a landscape of the Geopark at the European network of GEOPARKS (EGN), for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, 2017.


  1. 4.Update of the web page of our UNESCO Global Geopark in the site of GGN

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