Our Geopark’s revalidation



The Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos, in order to further contribute towards the promotion of alternative tourism, environmental education and the sustainable management of the environment in the protected area of Chelmos-Vouraikos, on October of 2009, joined the European and Global Geoparks’ networks under the auspices of UNISCO. The membership of of each Geopark is evaluated every four years. Membership of the Network European Geoparks lasts four years, after which every Geopark is subjected to a revalidation by international experts committee.

During 6-9th of July 2015, our Geopark’s revalidation mission took place by the authorized evaluators of the European and Global Geoparks’ Network, Ms. Melanie Border and Mr. Ángel Hernández.

The evaluators visited several sites of the area and were informed both on the ongoing projects within the region and on the actions undertaken by the Management Body.
They visited the Cave of the Lakes, the sources of Aroanios river at Planitero, the facilities of the Agricultural Dairy Cooperation of Kalavryta, the Environmental Education Centre of Kleitoria - Akrata, and they also hiked the Vouraikos Gorge and treaveld with the scenic rack railway. Gorge Vouraikos River and tour of the cog sidirodrmo Diakofto - Kalavryta . They also visited Mount Chelmos and took a tour at the facilities of the Ski Centre and the Aristarchos telescope. Finally, they waked the trail of Valvousi-Keramidaki at the Aesthetic forest of Kalavryta, and the visited the monastery of Ascension at kastria and the Holocaust Museum.

The evaluators were impressed by the strong, alternating landscape, the important Geotopes of the region and the hospitality of the local people. They emphasized on the great potential of the area for the promotion of various forms of tourism (ecotourism, geotourism, religious tourism, etc.) and the important role that the Management Body can play. During the revalidation mission many constructive discussions were held with local officials and with Ass. Professor George Iliopoulos, a constant advisor on Geology, of Chelmos-Vouraikos Geopark. The remarks regarded to the continuation of the high level of infrastructure and services by the staff of the Management Body.


Evaluators informed us on their positive recommendation to the European and Global Geoparks’ Network regarding Chelmos-Vouraikos revalidation; however the official announcement will take place after the Advisory Committee deliberation during the meeting of the European Network of Geoparks in Geopark Rokua, Finland, in September 2015.

During their visit the evaluators met with:

The Chairman of the Management Body, Prof. Dr. Gregory Iatrou,

Mayor of Kalavryta, Mr. George Lazouras,

The Vice Governor of Western Greece, Mr. George Angelopoulos,

The President City Council of Kalavryta, Mr.. Nicholas Magafas,

The Deputy Director of the Forest Agency of Kalavryta, Mr. George Tsagianidi,

The Director of the Cave of the Lakes, Mr. Thanasis Zissimopoulos,

The Director of the Ski Centre of Kalavryta, Mr. Leonidas Spyropoulos,

Director of the Agricultural Dairy Cooperation of Kalavryta, Mr. Aris Golfinopoulos

The post-doc researcher of the Aristarchos telescope, Dr. John Alikakis,

The Director of the Environmental Education Centre of Kleitoria - Akrata, Mr. Xaris Moshopoulos,


and discussed with them the potential of further touristic development of the area and the implementation and of international collaborations.


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