Management Body of Chelmos-Vouraikos

The Management Body of Chelmos - Vouraikos is the Administrator of the Geopark and National Park and it constitutes a Legal Person of Private Right, aiming at the administration and management of regions, elements and areas of nature and landscape, that is reported in article 18 law 1650/1986, as well as the regions that are characterized as Special Areas of Maintenance at the article of 4 Common Ministerial decision 33318/28.12.1998. There is also a Special Environmental Study for the National Park of Chelmos-Vouraikos (Ministry of Environment, Land Use and Public Works, 06-02-2004). The Management Body occupies four-member scientific personnel with the specialities of Environmentalist, Geologist, Biologist, and Forester, six Forest Rangers, a Secretary, a assistant of Accountant, as well as exterior collaborators with duties of Accountant, Legal Advisor and Scientific Advisor on matters of Geology.
According to the IGG. 47/11‐2‐2010, the Administrative Board of the Management Body of Chelmos – Vouraikos consists of 11 members. In the IGG the background of each representative is described (eg. special scientists, representatives of the local authorities etc.). The President of the Management Body is Professor of Botany, Department of Biology, University of Patras.