The Guarding Plan is part of a continuous effort of operational planning and operational planning and optimal allocation of guarding forces throughout the Protected Area of Chelmos - Vouraikos National Park.

Each year a report is composed including the results of the implementation of the Guarding Plan and an assessment in order to detect any weaknesses and difficulties resulting from the implementation of previous years. The Guarding Plan may be revised / modified whenever required depending on different circumstances, eg by changing of available staff, equipment or time etc.

1. Aim of Guarding

According to Law 2742 / 07-10-1999 (Government Gazette A 207 / 07-10-1999) article 15, paragraph d, which refers to the responsibilities of the Management Bodies, concerning the guarding of the protected area, the role of the Management Body is summarized in the following:

“... assisting the competent administrative and judicial authorities in monitoring of the implementation of environmental legislation and the environmental and urban planning conditions applicable or imposed respectively on projects or activities carried out in their areas of responsibility. To this aim, the Management Bodies recommend or report to the competent authorities the acts or omissions that violate the conditions and restrictions set in the Presidential decrees of Article 21 (1) and (2) of Law 1650/1986 for the areas their responsibility. For the same purpose, the Management Bodies shall make available to the competent authorities the necessary means and personnel to enforce decisions imposing penalties or other measures to protect the area.”

2. Actions

Actions of Forest Conservation Experts are carried out in three axes:

(a) Guarding,

(b) Public Awareness and

(c) Data recording.


(a) Guarding

The actions may be urgent or not and are carried out under the applicable legislation and the current prohibition provisions (hunting, forestry, grazing, etc.). Some of them concern:

1. Fire protection

2. Illegal hunting

3. Illegal fishing

4. Illegal grazing

5. Disposal of materials - Sand extraction – Disposal of garbage

6. Illegal logging / harvesting and transport of forest products

7. Illegal collection of wild flora and fauna

8. Illegal harvesting / occupation of public forests and forest areas in general

9. Illegal erection of buildings and paved constructions

10. Observation of forest diseases

(b) Public Awareness

Management Body staff informs everyone concerned of environmental issues or even of the permissible use, activities and limitations that are applicable for the protection and management of each zone. At the same time, it is in their responsibility to distribute informative material and remind the importance of the ecosystem in which they are located.

(c) Data recording

In every patrol vehicle of the Management Body the "Event and Observation Book" is keeping and updating daily. Through them, all the facts about illegal activities found in the area of the National Park are recorded and collected.