The area of responsibility of “Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body” comprises 12 Protected Areas of "Natura 2000" Network and extends to the prefectures of Ilia, Achaia and Korinthia, including Chelmos, Killini, Erymanthos, Panachaiko, Barbas and Klokos, which are the most important mountainous areas of Northern Peloponnese. Canyons, Caves, Ravines, Springs, Lakes, Rivers and Torrents are typical of the natural landscape of the region and result in the formation of a lot of different habitats, hosting a valuable flora and fauna, including an important number of local and Greek endemic, rare and threatened plants and animals. The area is one of the 5 UNESCO Global Geoparks in Greece and contains a mosaic of geological features of global importance. “Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark”, hosting unique landscapes combined with cultural heritage and excellent scientific, educational and tourist infrastructure, acts as a lever for Local Sustainable Development. The Protected Areas of "Natura 2000" Network within the area of responsibility of “Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body” outlined below and depicted on Map.