The National Park

The overall extent of the National Park is approximately 54,400 ha. The protected area has been characterized as a National Park through the implementation of the Special Environmental Study for the National Park of Chelmos-Vouraikos (Ministry of Environment, Land Use and Public Works, 06-02-2004) JMD (IGG D’ 446/02‐10‐2009): "Characterization of the land area of mount Chelmos Vouraikos as a National Park".
The protected area consists of 4 Sites of Community Importance - SCI (Natura 2000 areas), which are the following:
1. Mount Chelmos Styx Waters (GR232002)
2. Vouraikos Gorge (GR2320003)
3. Aesthetic Forest of Kalavryta (GR2320004)
4. Kastria Caves (GR2320009)
It also includes the Special Protection Area on the Conservation of Wild Birds, ie. “Vouraikos Gorge and Kalavryta region” (GR2320013).
The ecological value as far as the region’s flora is concerned is immense. The fauna, which consists of a large number of insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, is also of considerable importance. The structure of the terrain, the development of different ecosystems, the range of the altitude, in combination with the alternation of the seasons, have contributed to the formation of various niches where plants grow, to which they have already adjusted since millions of years.

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